Monday, January 23, 2012

Hudson's Travels 1: S.S. Hudson

Round one of pics inspired by amazing Mila's Daydreams mentioned in a previous post here. Granny and I were bored last weekend so we set up this little ditty for our little water much fun, but harder than it looks, especially when we weren't able to get baby to sleep through it. We were excited to use pieces with sentimental the blanket Nina crocheted for him, the star from Uncle Alan and Auntie Maddy, and his brown Moby Wrap. Pumped for round 2, Hudson the polar bear!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Musique for my bebe

Anywhere you run, you run with poise

Oasis child...

You know you're gold
You don't gotta worry none.

Don't I know you better than the rest?

Sometimes I have to pinch myself...are you really mine?

How did I exist before your sweetness?

I feel so lucky to be your mother.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Herbies 1st Christmas

Whew...the past couple of weeks have been a doozy govna's! Christmas, company, Granny moving in, starting back to work, getting sick AND taking care of my favorite little person have left this blogstress with zero time to update the ol' blogerroo.

Hudson's first Christmas was fantastic! Granny arrived with Uncle Chris who stayed with us for the week. Chris gave Hudson his first Teddy Bear, a little Jedi bear appropriately enough. Granny gave him/us a Baby Bullet that we will use to make homemade baby food for our bubble blowing perfect!

On Christmas morning Hudson got to meet his Papa Bob and his Great-Grandma, Nana who came for breakfast with his Nana Nina. Nina sent Hudson his first baby blue Santa hat and stocking...super cute!

After breakfast Hudson "opened" his gifts and snoozed with Sammy and Daddy on the couch before picking up our spokane-cousin, Alex who joined us for dinner and Pictionary. It was exactly this time last year that we decided to start trying for a lucky we felt this year to have him and all our family here sharing his first Christmas!

Herbie is now over three months old...what a difference a month has made! His latest accomplishments include rolling over from his tummy to his back, grabbing, sticking his fist and fingers in his mouth, holding his head up, and sitting in his bumbo chair. He goes crazy for bath time, laughs at Granny's raspberries, prefers his fingers to his binky, and loves to look at himself in his play-station mirror.

I miss spending all day, every day with him like the dickens now that I am back at work! I bawled my first full day back and considered turning the car around a half mile from home...had it not been for the fact that he was with Granny I would have called in my 2 week notice immediately! When you go from spending every minute of every day with your babe to being away for 9 hours a day you ask yourself, "what firsts am I going to miss?", "will he remember me when I get home?", "will he love me less?" and "is it worth it?" Plus you just feel so naked without your little bundle in tow! I spent a solid week wishing I hadn't promised to come back after the holidays...but everyone said it would get easier...and it has. When I am at work, I know my baby is having the best time playing and snuggling with his Granny...she makes him smile so hard and it's obvious how happy he is to be with her. I know all three of us are feeling pretty lucky to have her here!

Handsome 2 month old!