Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Cold Feet

That old familiar feeling has settled in again this week.

It's the same one I had for 3 months before moving to Spokane to start school...the one you get when you decide to do something totally out of your comfort zone because you're that kind of person who does that kind of thing because "you only live once-make it count" is always on the forefront of your mind...that ever second-guessing-doubtful feeling of-


Pardon my French and sorry to be so blunt, but I can't tone it down, not this time-this here's serious. I kept repeating those exact words last night when I finally got to clean that rental kitchen...which upon further inspection, ought to be condemned.

I kid not.

you guys, she's A FRICKIN BEAST!
 Upon further inspection-this kitchen is rougher than it appears-which is impossible to believe, I know, but it's apparently not been cleaned out in decades. I went through a box of magic erasers, half a gallon of bleach, and my entire arsenal of four letter words and I feel I haven't made a dent. I'm not 100% positive I want my pretty white dishes resting in the old wood shelves and I see many a take-out-night in our near future.

I look at this rental and realize that if I really want to stay here-for goodsies-it's gonna take a lot of elbow grease and a whole lotta these...


I know in about a month (or 3) whenever Spring in Spokane arrives and I'm walking my babe to the parks, I'll sing a different tune-and I know ultimately we are heading in the right direction-south. But oy vey, I can almost guarantee that after 6 months I'll be back on CL searching for a new home.

For now, I'll continue to console myself while cleaning cabinets clad in decades of grease and cursing contact paper by singing HOME by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

ps. oh, and I might mention, going to school for Interior Design was one of the best things I've ever there's certainly hope.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Daily Smile Dose

This is how I left Ulta today after finally (I'm talkin' 4 months going without) buying a new Chi straightener!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

While you're all making out with your lovers at your fancy candle-lit dinners on the river, I'll be spending my V-tines involuntarily huffing bleach fumes while I clean every square centimeter of that *beautiful new kitchen I get to call my own.

*by beautiful I mean 1962 called and they want their kitchen back.


We got keys yesterday and are slowly moving things in. We are also now the target of many a curious neighbor we don't see you Moving-Curtain-McCurtain-son! I immediately regretted wearing leggings as pants when I felt my new neighbors eyes on me yesterday-we aren't in Hillyard anymore Hudson...time to dust off our real pants. honor of V-tines here are a coup of my fave smooch pins via here.

I'm a sucka for these kiss noir pics!

Is this a smidge creepy? I don't care-judge me. I still like it...A lot.

Minty smooch-I want this framed on my wall.

And THE hands down best smooch scene in any movie ever made at any time-Cinema Paradiso (cuz I'm a also TOTAL a sucker for pretty much any montage)...break out the tissues.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Goods

Sorry for the incessant blog posts...actually, no I'm not. It's my blog and I'll continue to post completely useless randomness for my ten of readers 'til the end of my days. And hey, it could be A LOT worse. I could be posting Meatloaf videos-don't tempt me.

I finished my library book and returned all my yoga dvds-yep, I'm the one person left in the world who still checks out dvds and cds from the public library-and one of the few who refuses to get a NOOK tablet-or whatever those new-fangled things are you kids read nowadays.I like being able to earmark and pencil underline real paper-which surprisingly hasn't gotten me in trouble with the library yet. With a sick babe, we haven't been able to make our weekly downtown library/visit to the homeless trip. Soooo I'm sharing a few really lovely songs I'm gaga about for a hot minute...

Black & White

I'm chomping at the bit to get started painting and redecorating the new place, and as we all know the best place to go for hours of home decor inspiration (with many distractions along the way) is Pinterest. My casa bonita board reveals quite the definite pattern for what I want in my home...

white walls
black accents + pops of color
bare wood floors
statement lighting pieces
art, art and more art

Basically, I want to pretend like I live in a chic apartment in Paris and have many generous artist friends...


Tuesday, February 5, 2013


My little guy (who is 2 days shy of his 16 month b-day) is sick for the first time with a nasty cold.

double-fisting his sippy cups

Poor bug, can you tell I'm pushing fluids so he can feel better pronto?

A Change of Scene

We're moving this month!!!!

...but in my mind we're already there. In my mind I've already repainted all the walls white-white white white! We've already settled and I'm walking to the park to visit the ducks with my boys after a lazy summer dinner on the patio. I've already hung a hammock between the pine trees and our Adirondack chairs are facing the patio where Hudson rides his tricycle and draws with sidewalk chalk. Hudson and I have already walked daily to and from the pool on the hot summer days and cooled off with ice cream cones from "The Scoop".

We totally missed out on that awesome rental I told ya'll about here. And then we missed out on not one but two other awesome rentals within days. Everyone and their dog are apparently wanting to move to the same neighborhood in time for spring! So we settled on the only one left in that area that didn't cost an arm and a leg-I did a lot of drooling & wishing that we could spend $2000/month on a rental house-can you imagine?! We are moving to a less than perfect place (I'm talkin' wall to wall off-white carpet and a kitchen that would make 1962 proud) that's situated in the perfect location. It's a short term lease which allows us to keep searching for THE ONE...I figure it will be summer and we won't be IN the house much anyway-not with everything that will soon be within walking distance to us!

We are so nervous to become Landlords AND Tenants but we are SO ready for a change of scenery!

Before and after pics to come...