Friday, March 9, 2012

Punky, punky brewster

My beautiful son is 5 months (and 2 days) old and when he's 5 years old I'll make him stop playing just long enough to give me besitos and show him this...

When you were a tiny baby, only five months old...

Your many nicknames included: Punky poo, punky punky brewster (mommy), monkey doodle, monkey doodler (granny), little doo (daddy)

You loved: Bath-time and sucking on the washcloth, your Curious George book from Nina, patting your piano, the sound your yellow giraffe made, bouncing on your tip-toes in your bouncy chair, high pitched games of peekaboo, eating your toes (toe fuzz and all), daddy's tickles, watching and smiling at your doggies, dancing with mommy, rocking to sleep with granny, looking out the window, sucking on your fist 24/7.

You were: Squealing so loud it broke your family's eardrums, eating baby oatmeal and rice cereal from Auntie Brooke, drooling like a crazy man, finally sleeping in your crib and through the night much to your mommy's delight! Just beginning to venture outdoors to mommy's favorite places in the stroller (at 20 lbs you had already outgrown the chico carrier). You were (and always will be) VERY loved.

Side notes: Your "freaky-freaky hair patch" was replaced during your fifth month by a new fuller head of brown baby duck fuzz making you resemble more and more the boy mommy dreamed about when she was pregnant...but you still had a few of your older LONG hairs. These hairs were VERY LONG and we joked that you were a little Zed from "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish".

drooly julie
baby zed
munchin on some rice cereal
happy happy five month old!
living room jamfest!!!
This baby's rockin!!!

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  1. Wow, I can't believe how much he has changed!! Good job documenting all of this for him, you will definitely be glad you did. <3 you!