Monday, April 22, 2013

Curated: Amy Friend - Dare alla Luce

Happy Earth Day!!!
Did you do anything to mark the occasion?

Tonight Hudson indulged me by letting me take him for an hour-long walk to and from Manito after was the golden hour and I was in heavvvven. This place will seriously never get old and I feel like the luckiest to get to enjoy it daily.

I think I could sit here for an entire day and still not want to leave.

Pink light.

 Speaking of heaven, check it...a few of my favorite images from Amy Friend's "Dare alla Luce" series. 

Are these not MAGIC?

(This is what my happy memories look like too.)

Latent light

Villigen, Germany

Late summer evening, Ontario, 1927

fave. "What is done in the darkness, will be brought to the light"

You can check out Amy Friend's portfolio (and purchase any of the above for me as a gift hinthint) at her website

They make me want to turn up Nick Drake's Pink Moon too loud and attempt making my own nostalgic constellations with my vintage photographs.

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