Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Better Late than Never-Hudson Turns Two

Something happened tonight that is so rare, so unexpected, I didn’t know it was even possible anymore…Hudson went to bed early!
Cue the HALLELUJAH choir!!!!!!!!!
Now I am faced with not ONE but TWO WHOLE hours to myself before bed.
Workout? Read? Take a bath? Clean? Online Christmas shopping? Fold that pile of laundry staring me down across the room??? Finally paint my finger nails? Finish unpacking the office? Watch a movie for the first time in months?
NO-tonight I am catching up on this poor forgotten blog of mine-this blog that I have considered an adequate enough replacement for a baby book for my first born, that is, until we dropped off the face of the planet 4 months ago…
Hudson’s 2nd birthday was in early October, better late than never!? 
I can’t tell you how excited we were to celebrate Hudson’s 2nd birthday with all of his family and friends, in our own place, without having to drive back to Spokane the next day!
We hosted Hudson’s 2nd big day a week after moving into our new place-which I was crazy to think would be anything less than highly stressful and I will never do again, but, hey it was all worth it!
Thanks to Pinterest and my party planning diva of a mama (man can that lady plan a party) we hosted Hudson’s 2nd birthday Curious George style. It ended up being the perfect sunny day and he had a blast playing with his new friends from school, all of his family, and lots of our old friends from high school and their kids. I obviously didn’t learn my lesson after hosting his 1st birthday-the one I snapped 2 whopping pictures at, which is why there are only a few pictures here to post, but maybe by his 3rd I’ll get with the program!
We are now in the full swing of life with a TWO year old-and I am loving every.crazy.minute.of it.
Tonight, Hudson was running around the house giggling and squealing when we’d chase him, grabbing books to litter the living room floor with, wanting to play “choo choo” and saying “OH NO” when he put his hand across the track, spilling juice in the living room, lining up cars on the window sill, bouncing on his bed, pulling Sammy’s tail, getting into the cookie sheets in our cupboards, spilling juice in the kitchen, cracking up at my funny faces, asking to be held, asking for trucks, asking for more juice…
Though I appreciate the quiet time I get after he goes to bed, I can’t imagine my life without his energy, joy, curiosity, and innocence!!!

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