Thursday, December 15, 2011

Granny Poppins

My child is taking what seems like his 18th nap of the day which is very unusual, but I'm not complainin'! Each nap he takes equals a chore marked off the to-do list...the dishes are done (dude), the floors are swept, counters cleaned, grocery shopping done & laundry is started! This nap I had to choose between a shower and a quickie blog post and as usual I've decided the shower can wait. I want to announce why I've been cleaning & organizing like a crazy woman...Mr. Brady and I are prepping the house for our new MOM!

The stars really aligned for us on this one. She gets here next week, just in time for me to return to work AND just in time for Christmas which is a really good thing because I was beyond homesick for family and didn't think I could last much longer in this town. The living arrangements are sure to be interesting in our little 1 bathroom house...but she fit the bill...she is kind and witty, has a cheery disposition, no warts, and will love our Herbie like a son...

I've already planned out our next 18 weekends...I envision many a trip to the antique stores in town, HOBBY LOBBY, roadtrips to Sandpoint and Coeur d'Alene, painting and sketching together, baking, game nights...and this summer: gardening, walking, lake trips, and breakfast at the Wall Street Diner. What a great gift to finally have family (and my best bud) if we could just convince the rest of our Boise fam and friends to do the same...hint hint Nina!

Hurry Nanny
, many thanks sincerely!


  1. I'm jealous :) We sure have loved having your mom here (Cadie always calls her "MY Auntiee Pam") but we totally support her and you guys in everything and it's going to be so great for your family to be together! Love you!! <3

  2. You always have such a way with words. I am sooo envious that I can't be the live in nanny cuz this grandma would also make a great granny nanny! :-) Maybe one day we will either move to Lewiston or you guys will be back in never know. There is nothing I love more than spending time with my loved ones, especially the grandbabies.