Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Santa Baby

This weekend Hudson donned his festive plaid logger shirt and went downtown with his adoring entourage to meet Santa for the first time. He snoozed in line while the couple behind us oohed and ahhed over how cute he was. He must have known he was about to meet someone pretty special because he awoke just in time for his closeup with the big-man. I can't be sure but I think H asked for an exer-saucer to work-out his strong froggy legs in the coming months.

Hudson got to meet two special someones this weekend! His Abuelo Yogi came to visit from Oregon bringing a Mitsubishi-full (literally) of early presents. He brought Hudson his own baby Christmas tree and his first pair of OshKosh overalls. H got to snuggle with Abuelo who documented in grandpa-ese exactly what was happening in the show they watched together...Walking Dead.

When Santa asked what we wanted for Christmas this year we couldn't think of anything...Herbie is our favorite gift and spending our first Christmas together making traditions as a family makes us rather giddy this holiday season.

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