Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

While you're all making out with your lovers at your fancy candle-lit dinners on the river, I'll be spending my V-tines involuntarily huffing bleach fumes while I clean every square centimeter of that *beautiful new kitchen I get to call my own.

*by beautiful I mean 1962 called and they want their kitchen back.


We got keys yesterday and are slowly moving things in. We are also now the target of many a curious neighbor we don't see you Moving-Curtain-McCurtain-son! I immediately regretted wearing leggings as pants when I felt my new neighbors eyes on me yesterday-we aren't in Hillyard anymore Hudson...time to dust off our real pants. honor of V-tines here are a coup of my fave smooch pins via here.

I'm a sucka for these kiss noir pics!

Is this a smidge creepy? I don't care-judge me. I still like it...A lot.

Minty smooch-I want this framed on my wall.

And THE hands down best smooch scene in any movie ever made at any time-Cinema Paradiso (cuz I'm a also TOTAL a sucker for pretty much any montage)...break out the tissues.

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