Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Change of Scene

We're moving this month!!!!

...but in my mind we're already there. In my mind I've already repainted all the walls white-white white white! We've already settled and I'm walking to the park to visit the ducks with my boys after a lazy summer dinner on the patio. I've already hung a hammock between the pine trees and our Adirondack chairs are facing the patio where Hudson rides his tricycle and draws with sidewalk chalk. Hudson and I have already walked daily to and from the pool on the hot summer days and cooled off with ice cream cones from "The Scoop".

We totally missed out on that awesome rental I told ya'll about here. And then we missed out on not one but two other awesome rentals within days. Everyone and their dog are apparently wanting to move to the same neighborhood in time for spring! So we settled on the only one left in that area that didn't cost an arm and a leg-I did a lot of drooling & wishing that we could spend $2000/month on a rental house-can you imagine?! We are moving to a less than perfect place (I'm talkin' wall to wall off-white carpet and a kitchen that would make 1962 proud) that's situated in the perfect location. It's a short term lease which allows us to keep searching for THE ONE...I figure it will be summer and we won't be IN the house much anyway-not with everything that will soon be within walking distance to us!

We are so nervous to become Landlords AND Tenants but we are SO ready for a change of scenery!

Before and after pics to come...

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  1. Congrats to you guys!! Can't wait for pictures!!! Your settled life sounds absolutely dreamy- just as it should be! So thrilled for you.