Thursday, February 7, 2013

New Goods

Sorry for the incessant blog posts...actually, no I'm not. It's my blog and I'll continue to post completely useless randomness for my ten of readers 'til the end of my days. And hey, it could be A LOT worse. I could be posting Meatloaf videos-don't tempt me.

I finished my library book and returned all my yoga dvds-yep, I'm the one person left in the world who still checks out dvds and cds from the public library-and one of the few who refuses to get a NOOK tablet-or whatever those new-fangled things are you kids read nowadays.I like being able to earmark and pencil underline real paper-which surprisingly hasn't gotten me in trouble with the library yet. With a sick babe, we haven't been able to make our weekly downtown library/visit to the homeless trip. Soooo I'm sharing a few really lovely songs I'm gaga about for a hot minute...

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