Thursday, May 16, 2013



We've settled into a days-merging-into-each-other-post-winter bliss. Park visiting, shorts wearing, flower sniffing, down-hill-running bliss.

We start mommy group tomorrow (one of my 34 marked off the list). 

We are in the beginning stages of seriously planning our move back to "The City of Trees" (laughable, because Spokane has at least one million more trees than Boise-or so it seems) which will perhaps occur as soon as late summer/early fall. It was silly for me to doubt the need for us to go home...but I'm sentimental and clingy, and for whatever reason the idea of permanently leaving this city has me feeling like a bit of an emotional wreck. Ostensibly I came here to study design, but in this city I've learned more about myself than floor-plans hands heart, my values, my capabilities, my hard as a rock strengths, my down on my knees darkest day weaknesses. In this city I've become my own rock. I've been hardened and then softened...This city hosted the best and worst (and best again) days OF MY LIFE. This temporary home that I never ever would have believed I'd become so attached to saw me achieve what I doubted I ever could; saw me work harder and with more passion than I had ever before. Lately I see the past 7 years flashing before my eyes and it all overwhelms me with emotion. *Cue Ray LaMontagne's Jolene which has been on repeat for the past week (no idea why-perhaps the depth of feeling I love so in his voice and the mention of Spokane in the lyrics) and tissues.

But that's not what you came here to read...bring on the pictures of the cutie cute toddler picking dandelions!
Hudson lately...
can say "yellow"
requests Miss Spider's Tea Party all day
Loves running down hills
Would stay all day in the green swing at Manito if I let him
Climbs in his stroller all day wanting to go for a walk
Randomly runs up and tightly hugs my legs throughout the day *heart melts

Wouldn't give the horchata back to dad

Fave book of the moment

Daddy airplane

Running down the hills

Lunch out. Sun-kissed hair.

On our after dinner walk-a little swinging before bed

Mother's Day and not excited to hold still for a picture

He LOVED driving dads work van

I showed him how to blow the dandelions which he interpreted as putting them in his mouth

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