Friday, October 28, 2011

3 Rainy Day Faves

Will someone please remind me in 10 years, when it comes time for child #2 (right before menopause kicks in) to have a spring baby. While we are enjoying the fall and the colorful photo ops it provides, today is just too dreary and cold to venture outdoors with the babe in his radical purple stroller. I have visions of a baby #2, who will be born in early May (because I have complete control over that) just in time for morning summer walks in the sunshine. What today is good for is a right-hand-finger-pecked-blog-post (baby's in my left hand) followed by gobs of snuggling and made-up song singing on the couch with my gorgeous 3 week old.

Pics from our previous not-so-gloomy weekend

Daddy is a bottle feeding pro...wook at dat widdle punkin!

Thank you fall...H in the fiery leaves

A really hard to see picture of the infamous rocker mullet

rainy day fave #1: my 3 week old lover bear

Week 3!!?!? I think Hongro and I deserve a medal or cookie or something for having made it thus far with our child still intact, healthy, & happy. Seriously...we haven't dropped, stepped on, rolled over onto, or tripped with Hudson and he's nearly a month old...whooo hooo!!! GO US! Kidding...kinda

So what's new with our BOJ (bundle of joy) & his totally outstanding capable parents these days, I hear you bellow in your thousands??? ;) Hudson is a head-banging, judo chopping, little froggy. I'll explain; this little man has some strong neck muscles and is already movin' that head around and can lift it off daddy's chest like a champ. Sometimes when he's bouncing that head about I wonder if he's actually trying to tell me in his way to turn off the Coldplay and turn on some heavy death metal?? Well little man, the closest this mommy comes to death metal is an instrumental cover of Enter Sandman, sorry. This morning he was getting his judo chops on and wax-on, wax-off-ing with his totally built baby man arms, which of course look adorable when he's wearing those goofy mittens. And I call him my little froggy (widdle fwoggy, in baby language) because he perches on my chest with his "widdle fwoggy wegs" tucked under his tummy and his "fwoggy butt" sticking up in the air. It kills me, it's so cute.

Mommy has come to terms with the fact that sometimes what we are "GOING TO DO NO MATTER WHAT" doesn't exactly pan out...aka I need to learn to not be SUCH a control freak. After 3 weeks of struggling with very little, to no progress I decided to throw in the breastfeeding towel, or burn my nursing bras, if you will. It was one of the hardest decisions for me to make, but the lack of production on my part despite pills, 6 appointments with lactation specialists, the need for sleep, and the desire to enjoy (rather than fight against with the utmost dread) feeding sessions with my widdle cutie finally took their toll. I could go on and on about the mysteries of breastfeeding-that nobody tells you about...but I think I'll save that for it's own blog entry-seriously, why does nobody talk about this!? So formula it is...which still makes me want to vomit because that shiz is SO expensive! If you're wondering what to get us for Christmas this year, how's about a couple cans of Similac Sensitive?

Our other surprising disappointment is with cloth diapers. We were going to do our part to save the planet, save money, and save Hudson's widdle wee wee from chemicals by subscribing to a diaper service...but we've had to put that on hold because I think the intense wetness against his skin (and we change him very regularly) have caused him to break out down there. We also have to change his outfit every other time he pees because the wetness seeps out from the "protective" vinyl liner onto his adorable jammies...wtfrench? I'm not throwing the towel in on this one just yet, but waiting for his poor little circumcised area to heal first...yeah, after fighting against that one, visions of him being made fun of in the boys locker room made me change my mind on that at the very last minute as well. Geez, you're thinking...Holly Go-Flighty!! It just goes to show how wonderful it is to be able to go with the flow when you have baby-chillins, otherwise you will drive yourself stark crazy. It's like my cousin-in-law Kayla so beautifully put it, 'cloth or dispoable, breastmilk or formula, what your babies need is love from YOU". Well, "love from US" is what Alex and I are giving Herbie plenty of and there is no bottom to that well!!! Thank you Kayla (and all you other supportive friends/mommies out there) for your support.

fave #2: bountiful baskets

We were introduced to Bountiful Baskets by our friend Rochelle. Rochelle is one coupon-clipping, bargain-hunting, money-saving diva...and when she utters the word "deal", WE LISTEN!! She told us about this great co-op program where you can get $50.00 worth of in-season LOCAL produce for $15 BUCKS ($25 bucks for all certified organic)!!!! The endless list of produce she got for 15 bones had us drooling-not only because it sounded delicious, but because it would end up saving our family money and shopping time! Her second great idea was to slice everything up to make it convenient and available to snack on throughout the week! You better believe we're going to give this a whirl in the coming weeks-as soon as we can volunteer as a family!!! If your family is interested there are sites throughout the country including Loveland and Boise-who loves ya?!!!! Check it out at

fave #3: "mila's daydreams"

Check out the video below...

This mamacita obviously didn't heed the advice, "sleep when baby sleeps"...evidenced in the above video. Mila's creative mama imagines her daughter's dreams then creates a backdrop out of randomness from around the house & photographs them. Brilliant!! I love how whimsical and funny some of Mila's dreams are....I would love to do something artistic like this with Hudson, but sleep deprivation is wreaking havoc on my creativity as of late...thank goodness I'm no longer in design school! Plus my baby won't usually sleep more than 3 inches away from his mom&dad unless, of course, the hairdryer and/or shopvac are running...little wierdie.

We'll leave you with a pic from 3 short weeks ago of a handsome little fellow, if we do say so ourselves, and wishes for a fantastic weekend...CIAO! must be italian!


  1. Just wanted to let you know I read your post! :) We should write a book...."What People Never tell you about having a baby!" I remember saying "no one ever told us that!" So many times the first few weeks!... I guess once they're cooing and smiling at you, you forget most of the little things that seem to be such a huge deal for new mothers! Hudson is a strong, healthy little boy, and you guys are doing a wonderful job!! Love ya!

  2. You are a wonderful mommy and you are absolutely right; what little Herbie needs is love from you! Great job mama :)


    PS - I was 100% formula fed and I turned out fine. I'll be praying for it to not cost so much $$ but I'm glad you have peace about it. Love you!