Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

We love, love, LOVE Halloween!!!

We love COSTUMES! We took the easy road this year and dressed as homicidal maniacs (they look just like everyone else) but here are a couple costumes from Halloweens past...

Hocus Pocus skeleton, Darth Maul, and MJ

Holly Golightly

Vincent Vega, Mrs. Mia Wallace, and Jules year ideas (if I have my way)...

We love that it's Hudson's first Halloween!!! We didn't buy him a costume, but he dressed as a baby bear today...I was going to curl my hair and put makeup on to go as Goldylocks but, wierd, I ran outta time...

"Waaah, who ate my porridge?!"

We love carving pumpkins...

Hudson's 1st vintage jack o'lantern and daddy's Boba Fett pumpkin

We love The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown...

...and can't wait to share this fave with our babe!!! "He'll come here because I have the most sincere pumpkin patch and he respects sincerity."

And I love anything Halloween-vintage...partly because it reminds me that Halloween wasn't always the one day a year where women dress all slutsville.

Not sure I'd be so calm (and you'd better believe my dogs wouldn't be) if I ran into this!

We can't wait to host Halloween parties for H and "scare the crap outta his friends"~ Alex

And what we love the most about this Halloween is that our baby boy smiled for the first time today, TWICE in response to mommy's smiling and goo-goo-gahing!!! SIGH! What a treat...makes it all worth it!!! You better believe I'ma be acting like a total fool to try to get more of those!!!

Hope your day is full of treats as well! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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