Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thrifty Thursday: CRAPP! & Herb, it's your due date...

Thrifty Thursday: Life Edited
Our house has plenty of storage. In fact that is the understatement of the month: we have a full unfinished basement, a shed, and 2 large bedrooms upstairs; 1 that we store some furniture in and has become the cats domain (and smells like it quite sadly), the other we use solely for more storage. I hate clutter, so finding a house with such large areas to store all the stuff we've accumulated since our first apartment way back in '98 was a dream-a dream come true to the wife of a pack-rat husband!

Alex: "But babe, I might want to use that old use-your-imagination-to-fill-in-the-blank-here-with-some-ridiculous-decrepit-item-from-1997 some day...lets keep that in the tote just in case."

In case of what?? In case we get locked in our own basement someday and are forced to entertain ourselves with the contents of our totes ("Yay-I never thought this day would come-lets organize our collection of Lil' Homies dolls!!!!!")...

(no really, we have a collection of these)

Anyways, when we bought the house, we kept thinking about how great it would be to just throw all that crap in the basement and never have to look at it. Wicaa-wha? Wait one darn second; there's something really wrong with this picture!!!! If we never look at it and don't even know what it is...why the heck are we holding on to it????? Seriously. My basement is full, my upstairs is a hot-mess of random junk, and I have NO idea what is hanging out in all these boxes anymore. TRUTH: Having a ton of storage space is actually a curse...we don't know the word edit anymore...another useless piece of junk? Just throw it downstairs! If we were to move we'd need to upsize to the BIG mama Uhaul-and there's only 2 of us!!! Ugh-how I hate spending money on anything I don't have to!!! I have been thinking about doing this for a few years now, but seeing as how I lived at school I didn't want to spend my 1.5 free minutes per week cleaning up my basement of all things, I just never got around to it...but this mornings Ted Talk inspires me to tackle our own Life Edited Project. Take a little looksy...

Graham Hill: Less stuff, more happiness | Video on

So begins our family project: the CRAIGSLIST (we're going to see just what people will buy or take free from Craigslist-hope we have some lil' homies fans in town) RESELL/REMOVE (of things unnecessary & never used-with the exception of keepsake items) AND (I need an "A word" here for the acronym to work-wait for it people) PROSPER (make some extra money to put towards Herbies college fund) PROJECT! or CRAPP! for short.

CRAPP! will be one of those ongoing family projects as I'm guessing we won't have a LOT of free time for CRAPP! after the little one arrives and all....but I promise to update with what people have purchased and post some before&after pictures of the basement and upstairs. I've already sold some curtains (that I was just gonna donate cuz I figured no one would buy them from Craigslist). Do you have a room(s) that is full of stuff you never look at? Ever wanted to simplify??

In baby related news, it's our due date...and still no baby...can you tell how bored I am by the blog post above?? I started having contractions Saturday night-never before was I so excited and smiley to have lower back and menstrual cramp pains! I thought for sure I was going to go into labor that night-talk about getting NO sleep! But then they all but stopped and I got sick with a nasty little cold. Last night I started feeling better and voila...the contractions started again in the middle of the night. I've had them all morning spaced anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour apart. Had my doc appointment today, and he said I'm in labor and our boy may come tomorrow or Saturday!!! CAN you believe it?!!!!! (Oh, and I may have gone into labor sooner...but the Dr. said the body often won't go into labor when a mama-to-be has a chest cold as she needs to be able to breathe fully to birth her babe-he he hooooo.)

10.6.11 40 weeks...our last bump pic and on our way to our last doctor's appt.

(well little bun, your loving padres cannot WAIT to meet you-here we GO!!!)

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