Thursday, October 25, 2012

Top 10 Master Bedroom Inspiration Pics

The cool weather is here-evidenced by my mania for sprucing and beautifying the house.

I feel like a mad-woman...or a true Gemini-I have about 20 half-started who-knows-when-they-will-ever-get-done home projects...

There are paint swatches painted in the kitchen and living room. I have moved my interior design library off the bookcase where it's waiting to meet it's new home in my half-started upstairs craft room. I have my eyes on pillows for the living room, lamps for Hudson's room, frames for the...ugh-my head is spinning!!!

For whatever reason I have an incredibly hard time focusing on one room at a time which is what needs to be done for my sanity and the sake of our checking account! SO-this is my attempt starting with THE MOST NEGLECTED room in my house and winner of THE ugliest bedroom of all time...our master bedroom.

I was going to post pictures of our bedoom-but the pics were literally scary...eye-vomit! Take it from me, it is hideous.

This room is home to all the abandoned furniture/window panels/accessories/art that we didn't want in the public spaces of our home it is an eclectic, mis-matched, nothing makes sense space.

My dream for this space is that it become my book-reading, hubby snuggling, journaling, dreaming haven. I've narrowed down my inspiration pins to 10 faves...and I'd pretty much feel like the luckiest girl ever to have any one of these as my bedroom...which do you like best???? (all pic sources via here)

I'm definitely going with an upholstered headboard...LOVE this fabric

Minty walls and gold accents=swoon-worthy!

Purple and fuzzy pillows-too pretty

Love the gold frame gallery wall


Glass lamp, touch of purple and gold, chandelier...this is eclectic loveliness

Wish our budget allowed this mix of patterns

THAT headboard screen!!!

Upholstered headboard, mirrored side tables and turquoise lamps...oh my!

Love the chunky sweater blanket, pallet bed, and framed b & w print. mmm.

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  1. I would love to be an interior designer! I really like the accented wall of wall paper and assorted frames above a bed! I tried the frame thing in my bedroom and I really like the eclectic feel. Can't wait to see how your room turns out!