Tuesday, January 29, 2013

House Hunters

House hunting is so much fun...for the past 6 years I've missed it!!! But I also forgot how incredibly exhausting it becomes...especially for someone like me who checks CL every hour to make sure I don't miss anything! My list of sites to check 80x daily is a page long!

And then you have a ray of hope, one that makes up for all the searching, driving, scoping, calling...today we found THE perfect perfect perfect rental. 

SO perfect (did I mention how perfect?) 
Location: a half block from the yoga shala...the YOGA SHALA! Can you picture it?! A couple blocks from the loveliest park in Spokane, within walking distance to our favorite bakery and great restaurants. A few blocks from a friend of mine who has a babe the same age as Hudson. And TERRIFIC school district!

And the house...oh, the house. Hardwood floors throughout, gorgeous fireplace, new kitchen, brand new appliances, an upstairs loft that looks exactly like the set of Moonrise Kingdom-perfect for Hudson's playroom, an art-deco-tiled bathroom, and a man cave with new carpet in the fully finished basement. I'm talkin GOR-GEOUS

Anddd....we are too late. We missed it by ONE day. Apparently someone turned in an application for it TODAY. I have been sick ever since. Like I'm pretty sure I could vomit, sinking feeling, exhausted sick.

So I did what any recently devastated emotional eater would do and made a batch of frosted brownies, bought myself a bouquet of orange tulips...and blogged about my sob story.
Here's hoping the applicant suddenly backs out or doesn't meet the qualifications. My fingers have never been more crossed!


  1. I am SOooooo sorry to hear. I am dying to know about this place...it sounds so divine...Oh Bonnie. Crossing my fingers it works out for you!

  2. Thanks Ashley!!! If we get it, we will have you guys over!!!

  3. Ooooh I hope you get it! Never say never :) <3

  4. Thanks cousin. Pretty sure it's not gonna happen...but found another...fingers crossed once again! xo