Thursday, March 7, 2013


Somewhere between 2006 (back when I was driving our stuff all white knuckled across the Blue Mountains listening to John Denver and bawling) and 2013, I forgot how incredibly-crazy-freaky-HARD moving is!!!!!!

Moving is SO hard (SOHARD) that my bright idea of looking for a new place in six months (because the kitchen here is a nightmare and there is 80's dusty rose and country blue linoleum in the bathroom) has been laughed right out of thought-land. Mr. B and I have agreed that the next time we move, it will be to Boise. And that may or may not happen in the next 365 days.

I feel a huge sense of peace with that decision-because I ultimately want to end up near my family, and now we are one step and 3 miles closer to that goal!

And don't tell anyone I said this-but I'm also kindof at peace with our kitchen, wood paneling, and ivory carpet. I could even go so far as to say, I kindof like this place. I mean, I LOVE this neighborhood. When people ask to see pics of the new place, I almost want to offer pics of my working-non-drug-dealing neighbors instead. But that would probably be weird. Or send them a pic of the park a few blocks from our cross street. Or evidence that we no longer live within walking distance to 4 porn shops (I don't even think there is one porn shop on the south hill). I want to show them pictures of the bank that doesn't have a security guard out front, or the grocery store that is not full of drunk people with pitbulls tied up outside. I want to record the LACK of police car sirens and helicopters outside; the lack of people smoking in the car with their kids on every road I drive down and share that with them. So I have an ugly kitchen...pretty sure I can deal. 

Speaking of suburbia and ugly kitchens, I amused myself by Googling 1950's kitchens (which it turns out this one is-not 60's as I originally guessed) and I'll share these beauts with you-until I have time to post pics of our first couple weeks in happy land! Happy Thursday! Oh, and I'm totally rolling with it by planning a Mad Men house warming party. Martini anyone?

one word. OMG.

I actually could do this.

Gonna need more hamburger honey.

White bread and jelly for lunch.

More white bread and jelly.

This is actually in a museum!

I could definitely live with this.

My hands down fave! PRELUDE pink...a prelude to what?!  The asylum?

This one is a 60's kitchen...but I love every part of this pic...ok except the crazy wallpaper!

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  1. I'm glad you feel better! I hope you guys are able to move to Boise soon! <3 <3