Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

As a child, I never knew what it was to have a supportive, hands-on, loving dad.

Mine wasn't around for most of my childhood. I don't harbor any bad feelings towards him for it-in fact, I think it was better that way. He was busy dealing with his own issues and luckily my mom gave us LOVE enough that we didn't feel like we were missing out...most of the time.

I do remember feeling jealous of my friends who had great relationships with their dads. I wanted that for myself, but I mostly wanted it for my brother. It made me sad to know that he was growing up without a father figure-someone to teach him how to throw a ball and how to fish...but my brother grew up surrounded by women, which might explain why his house is neat and decorated and he never got into sports.

We always want better for our own babes, and growing up I dreamed about my future family (the one I'd have whilst working as a decorator, wearing J. Crew suits in the heart of Seattle) The man I would marry and start a family with would be responsible, loving, supportive, funny, kind, patient, inspiring, playful and most of all hands-on.

I totally nailed it with Mister B. (who has been begging me for kiddos for at least 10 years). From day one, this man has spoiled Hudson with such crazy LOVE that this little boy will never wonder if his father loves him or is proud of him. Mister B. is the definition of "amazing father" in my book. Besides the list of criteria above he is protective, proud, helpful, tender.

Today I'm thankful for this man! Happy Father's Day indeed!

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