Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall is for...Folk Music

Music is like wine and I am a bit of a connoisseur. From a young age I've been sensitive to the fact that the right song can compliment the moment or ruin it...listening to an ever-sombre Radiohead number during a joyous moment would diminish it...or at least it would for me. Maybe that's why the changing of the seasons also brings a change to the musical genre playing in our household and while we listen to all different types of music year round, generally speaking...

Winter is for Christmas music, French oldies, and 1920's-40's songs
Spring is for electronica & glam rock
Summer is 1960's & 70's oldies
And FALL pairs so nicely with acoustic and folk music doesn't it?

Folk music+scarves & sweaters+apple cider+falling leaves=perfection!

I've been playing my Spotify FallFallFall playlist practically non-stop for the past week which I would share here if I could figure out how... This is the perfect soundtrack for all the early fall baking, crafting, and crazy-ass nesting that's been going on here in our casa. Sharsies...

Scarborough Fair: Simon and Garfunkle
Winter Birds: Ray LaMontagne
Re: Stacks: Bon Iver
God Willin' and the Creek Don't Rise: Ray LaMontagne
20 Years: The Civil Wars
Free Man in Paris: Joni Mitchell
River Man: Nick Drake
Boy With a Coin: Iron and Wine
Cocoon: The Decemberists
Luscious Life: Patrick Watson
Old Before Your Time: Ray LaMontagne
Words in the Fire: Patrick Watson
Place to Be: Nick Drake
A Case of You: Joni Mitchell
Harvest Moon: Neil Young
Devil's in the Jukebox: Ray LaMontagne
Easier: Grizzly Bear

Seriously tell me this song doesn't make your heart beat right out of your chest!???

I wanna know what you are listening to this fall and do your musical tastes change with the seasons? xo

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  1. I'm enjoying lots of acoustic music as well, along with a lot of bluegrass. Allison Krauss is my current fave, mostly reminds me of road trips to family reunions. *swoon* love your playlist