Thursday, September 20, 2012

FALL is for...getting Crafty

Ok, so I know I'm jumping the gun here using the "F" word because technically it's still 90 degrees out and there are no blazing autumn colors yet...but the days are getting shorter, the pools are closed, kids are back in school and I'm chomping at the bit for FALL to arrive. As sad as I am to see summer go I can't deny my undying LOVE for fall and all the changes it brings. Fall always turns me into the queen of domesticity. I am a mother bird feathering her nest...this year quite literally! I suddenly want to do all the things I dreaded doing all summer long...baking, cleaning, crafting, cooking, movie watching, and decorating.

Case in point: I spent last weekend deep cleaning my house til my back was sore, made pumpkin pancakes and pumpkin muffins, rearranged my living room, and started cutting out felt flowers for my zinnia wreath and somewhere in there squeezed in my first (and last) viewing of the not Disney version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

My next few blog posts are my ode to Fall starting with getting crafty. Thank goodness (or maybe not) for pinterest...I recently had the urge to make a fall wreath for our front door and pinterest once again blew me away with the amount of instead of one fall wreath, I'm making one for early fall, one for Halloween, and one for late fall because I couldn't possibly decide!

Since I am a novice crafter on a budget I needed to choose something really cheap and really easy, and I thought this little beaut was right up my alley...

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This wreath ended up costing less than TEN BUCKS to make and it was sooo easy my dogs could do it! I loved the fall colors of the original but wanted to make our felt flowers the color of the zinnias Hudson and I picked on a walk with Sam Dog. 

zinnia inspiration

cutting and fringing the strips of felt-so so easy!

finished cutie cute zinnia wreath

our black door needed a bit of bright color!

And voila, pretty simple but I'm proud of how it turned out! It looks fab on our porch-fitting right in with the rainbow of colors inside our house and out! Check out these other cute fall wreath ideas from my pinterest board...can't wait to get my crafty hands on the Halloween feather boa number! xo

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