Wednesday, September 5, 2012


A few nights ago driving home from Alex's softball game my very tired baby started crying. I'm sure no one finds babies crying in the car pleasant...but I'd rather listen to nails on a chalkboard all day long than be stuck driving with a crying makes me feel 100% helpless therefore making me 100% anxious (control freak) and no matter how hard I try to tune it out...take a deep breath...I can't help from driving faster than I should to just make it stop.

So we are a solid 30 minutes from home when he starts crying in the back. I do my best to console him but he must know I'm lying this time when I say, "we're allllmost home baby boy" because he gets louder and louder...oh geez...I didn't bring the pacifier and "WAIL!!!" Deep breaths...count to 10..."it's ok baby, you're ok, we'll be home soon..." No relief. This kid is pissed for being kept up past his bedtime!

Suddenly I remember I have a classical music cd in the dash and I figure I better eject the book on tape as fast as possible and see if Debussy can calm my furious kiddo. I turn the volume UP so H can hear over his screams, the piano starts, and by that third delayed note my child is completely SILENT. I wait a few seconds, fingers crossed hoping it was not just a temporary lull...but H doesn't make another peep! The power of music continually amazes me. From here on out Claire de Lune is that night, that stretch of road along the river, the sun setting through the trees, and my babe resting peacefully behind me.

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