Sunday, September 30, 2012

Kids say the most truthful things

I used to be tiny skinny; not sick thin, but healthy thin. For years I was skinny. Then I got pregnant.

Now I have what I call "Mom Bod". Mom bod is a combination of love handles and belly pooch with a little extra jiggle in the thighs and arms. Before getting pregnant and experiencing morning sickness and cravings I used to think I'd be the 8 month preg lady doing yoga and going for hikes who would gain only 5 pounds and be back into normal clothes a week postpartum. HA HA!!! NOT the case!!!

Instead, I became the 8 month preg lady stopping at Arby's and Taco Bell on a whim and napping for hours on the couch. I told myself at this point that it'd be fine because I'd just lose the weight soon after the babe was born because I'd be working out and breastfeeding. Again, not the case.

THEN I figured what they say is true about it taking 9 months to put it on and another 9 to take it off, and I'd lose the weight by H's 9 month b-day...but, you guessed it, still not the case.

I was making progress between Hudson's 10th and 11th month (I told myself I HAD to lose it by his first birthday-no more excuses). I was good about hitting the gym, walking with the babe, I laid off the Butterfingers and was eating healthy...but I hit a plateau a month into it and completely lost my motivation (don't you hate when that happens?) The past few weeks I've been wishing/hoping/praaaaying for my motivation to return, which finally happened today after our little incident at the playground...
Mr. Brady and I took Hudson to his favorite park with a balloon to snap some 1st birthday pics. After pics we took H to the playground where a little boy and girl were playing, both about 5 years old. I hear them whispering and then the boy says to the girl, "Rapunzel's pregnant." The girl then yells to me, "are you pregnant?"

**************EWWWWWW OUCH!!!!!!!!****************

Gotta love the innocent honesty of children, until it comes to them being brutally honest about you!!! Mr. Brady looks at me cautiously, scoping out my emotions. My eyes say to him...This kid just called me fat! He gives me his best reassuring look. Still, I really, really want to cry...I want to go home..part of me even wants to yell at him and tell him he's a rude little boy, but somehow I muster up as much good humor as I can, smile, and simply say, "Nope." The little girl says, "I told you she's not pregnant", and the boy just shrugs and continues playing. I wince hoping he won't say anything else to further wound my pride.

I'm upset and spend the next few hours pouting and feeling sorry for myself, wanting to go to the gym.

Then I realize I WANT to go to the gym. For the first time in weeks I want to go to the gym and I want to eat a salad for dinner! I'd forgo being asked if I'm pregnant any day of the week...but I have to feel really thankful for that boy because he was keepin it real...and now my plea for motivation has been fulfilled even if it was in a less-than-pleasant way. Off to the gym to work on the ol' mom-bod!!!!!

What motivates you? xo


  1. Don't let it get you down, hon. You are absolutely beautiful. I used to hate what happened to my body post-bebe (and believe me, it gets worse with each one) but my husband just loves on me and still cherishes me in a way I never expected, including my body that is full of stretch marks, flabby skin, and saggy boobs. I know your husband loves you like that too. It's good to want to be healthy, but really, it's okay if you don't look the same after having a baby. Much love to you sweetness!

  2. Thank you Emily! Your comment seriously made my day. I was recently looking at pictures of you at the reunion and kept thinking you look amazzzzing!!! 3 kiddos and you look fantastic! I know having babies changes things everywhere and am at peace with the fact that I wont have that body again and that my son was worth the sacrifice. Still, gotta get into some sort of shape so I dont get asked that question again! Haha. Love you!!!