Thursday, January 10, 2013

Getting Organized: Starting Small

For the past ten days, I have been an organizing MACHINE! 

As in my new middle name is Organize.
During Hudson's naps: I'm organizing. After H's bedtime: I'm organizing. Every day: I'm organizing, organizing, organizing.

Ok you get the picture. I have made more progress than I expected to in such a short entire kitchen is reorganized and is now finally FUNCTIONAL-what a concept! It's also clean and beautiful and I find myself opening cabinet doors and leaving them open so I can admire the orderliness.

One thing I'm not looking at in awe are the pictures I've taken of my new organized spaces/projects-ugh harder than it looks-especially on such cloudy days. Which is why I am only sharing the first project I started other pictures blew too hard to fix in photoshop. 

I found it best to start my organizing small-just dig in with one small, very-definitely-achievable project. "Organize the entire house" can leave a person feeling overwhelmed and wondering where to quote Meryl in Adaptation, you have to whittle it down to a more manageable size.

Once you've organized one thing, anything, successfully, you'll be even more pumped to dig in to the next messy project.

Soooooo voila, my first very small project.
I saw this idea on Pinterest (weird) and couldn't wait to grab my trusty hole punch and a binder ring and save our 2012 Christmas cards in an organized and collected manner.

How easy and genius is this?

Stay tuned for my organized/cute/cheap/easy address book, recipe book, and 'binders full of dvds'.

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