Tuesday, January 1, 2013

99 2012

Blog post #99 reflecting on the last 365 of 2012...

one of my favorite pics of 2012

The babe:
2012 was a monumental year of FIRSTS for Hudson. Nothing I did this year even compares to all the amazing things H learned and accomplished this year!!!!!! Sitting, rolling over, crawling, walking, talking, FIRST BIRTHDAY, first tooth, first words!!!!!

We went from this...

sitting still and blowing bubbles...
 to this...
at the playground in overalls

at the doc office moving chairs about
playing playing playing
a LOT of barefoot swinging
A LOT of laughing!

The mister:
In August Mr. Brady and I celebrated TEN YEARS of marriage-a milestone made even more special because it was our first anniversary with Ybarra #3. One of my favorite things about 2012 was parenting with Alex and realizing what I suspected would be the case-that we make a REALLY great team. He is so supportive, helpful, patient, loving. I couldn't ask for a better baby-daddy or teammate for this super important job!

parenting team ybarra

The rest of the fam:
I was so fortunate to spend the long cold Spokane winter and part of spring in the company of my mama! She kept Hudson and I company and taught me SO much about how to care for a little one. We also learned a ton about the history of Spokane together and took many a tour to the historical places of this city. It was a blast having my bestie here to go antiquing, walking, and adventuring with.

Hudson and Grammy @ the Lilac Garden

The happenings:
I say this at the beginning of each new year-"This year I want to do something AMAZING." While I think bringing up bebe is pretty darn amazing, I was able to sneak in another little something that I enjoyed a bunch and learned a ton from...partnering with my co-worker/friend Jalena and starting our interior design business. I couldn't have chosen a better partner-we worked SO WELL together...she put the Jae in BlueJae and the FUN in hours long furniture shopping! I am so excited and happy for her to start her new adventure in Montana with her mister (meaning no more BlueJae for the time being) ...and I know we will always share some really funny memories-and a close bond that comes from a successful partnership.

In search of the perfect greige...
2013: What's next?
Hi there Twenty Thirteen: I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU!

I love new beginnings and can't wait for what this year has in store. I'm excited to prep in every way for Ybarra #4-who is currently still just a twinkle in our eyes-we have baby fever!!!!!!!!

At long last I am going to get the casa ORGANIZED and simplify, simplify, simplify-using the tips I learned from a recent Feng Shui read...many a blog post to come regarding this subject.

And as per usual, I want to do something AMAZING in 2013 and have a few ideas as to what that will be...obvs mamacita to Hudson is my #1 most amazing job & I couldn't love it more, but I want to do something creative that will bring in a few extra dollhairs for H's college fund this year-more on that to come as soon as I figure out what it is...

Wishing you all the best this 2013...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!

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  1. Happy New Year my beautiful cousin! I have to say, one of my favorite things from 2012 has been really getting to know you better! I'm so glad you write this blog and share your beautiful life with us! I hope you do get pregnant this year, we need an even 5 new great-grandbabies this year :) Love you oh so very much! <3

  2. Aw Em...I agree-one of the things I loved best about last year was realizing we would have WAY TO MUCH fun together if only we weren't 1000 miles apart! I love keeping up with your beautiful familia and I seriously think of you as one of the best mamas I know-one I can really look up to!!! Can't wait to meet baby Straw #4 (and find out what you'll be naming that munchkin-you pick the best names)!!! xo