Saturday, January 12, 2013

little red address book

I should have taken a picture of my 15 year old address book before I tossed it. I'll describe: bursting at the seams, broken binding, navy blue vinyl cover, names crossed out 18 times, ugly, outdated address book. 

Can you blame me for throwing it out as soon as I came home with this pretty little number? Address books are surprisingly hard to find these days...cute ones that is. Even Etsy didn't have many that jumped out at me-and I needed one cheap and more importantly, STAT.

I found this 4"x6" photo album at Target for 4 bucks and used blank index cards to write all my addresses in sharpie and organized them alphabetically. Now my little red book will stay pretty and clean-no more crossed out names-just fill out a new index card when a friend moves and replace the old card.
This one is cute enough to keep out in the phone nook.

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