Saturday, January 12, 2013


My son is 15 months old & getting more and more fun by the day.

A few of his isms so I won't forget...

Playing with the windchime in the snow
  • He breaks out randomly into the giggles...lately when he's tired.
  • He ooohs and ahhhs the kitchen vent and any light fixtures.
  • To dance, he shakes his head from side to side or up and body movements, it's all in the head. 
  • Whenever my phone rings (set to Cat Power's Free) he dances. (see above)
  • He has good taste in music. (see above)
  • He turns the tv in the playroom on and proceeds to sit in my lap to indicate it's time to watch Baby Signing Time...we watch it once daily.
  • He can sign please, eat, more, milk, dog, frog, and gives a really good effort on the rest. ;)
  • He is obsessed with dogs...he will stop me from continuing a book so he can go back to the page with the dog picture.
  • He blinks quickly and repeatedly when he is shy and/or flirting. 
  •  He likes to read his book in the car...especially comical when it's upside down because he has such a serious face..."ah yes, what an enjoyable read", he seems to say. 
  • He can growl like a tiger, trumpet like an elephant, and bark like a dog.
  •  He will wander the house in complete contentment for hours as long as he has two in each hand. Doesn't matter what--as long as both hands are full, all is right with the world.
  • He loves to drag around things with cords. The alarm clock. The nintendo controller. It's kindof his thing.
Sitting on Dug next to Sammy
Baby Signing TIME
My house looks like it's been ransacked after this little one works his way through.

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