Wednesday, December 12, 2012

14 months

OK so it's been 14 months and 5 days to be exact since little mister changed our lives for the better for-ev-er. It's also been a while since I've updated on all the cool new tricks Hudson amuses us with on the daily, so here goes:

  • WALKING-H is 90% walking these days. He holds his arms up in the air drunk-monkey-style and walks from object to object barefoot on the wood floors. His favorite routes? The winding stairs to our second level and around the circular pathway of the house. He really thinks it's a bummer being confined to his room or playroom with the baby gate these days and lets us know. 

  • TALKING-or babbling. He is a Chatty McChaterkins-mostly making his vowel sounds-EEEEEE. Oooo. The other night we took him for a drive around Corbin Park to look at the Christmas lights. We would stop in front of a house and he would say, "ooooooh. ooh. ooooooh." It was the cutest. 

  • EATING-Hudson's faves are spaghetti, any fruits, cheese, and any breads. I gave him graham crackers and he nearly devoured his hand in the process of eating them! We sneak in veggies any way we can-but if it's green he steers clear. He also gets very upset if we don't share whatever we are eating with him-a real deterrent to us eating chips or cookies. He is completely weened off the bottle and is currently learning to use a spoon.

  • SLEEPING-I'm not sure why we are suddenly so lucky, but over the past month or so, Hudson has begun sleeping until 8:30 on average. Sometimes he sleeps until 9:30 and the very earliest he woke that I can remember was 7:00. After being sleep deprived for so long, I almost feel guilty sleeping in so late. Almost. 

  • ACTIVITIES-Hudson and I are trying to avoid cabin fever at all costs by getting out of the house on a daily basis. We go to the library once or twice a week. We visit the mall playland if it's not too crowded and reluctantly the drop-in-and-play together once in a while. If we are lucky enough to see sunshine we bundle up for a walk in the stroller. We have the occasional and much loved playdate with other moms. I need to join a mommy group to get Hudson around some other kids on a regular basis-he LOVES being with kiddos and will literally sit on their laps, touch their eyes, and "share" their toys. 

  • MISC-Overall H is so good-natured, happy, & easygoing. He is outgoing, smart, and sweet. He loves his dogs, loves to read books, loves his bath-time. He loves being tickled by dad-his feet are finally ticklish. He loves snuggling his blanket. He loves the Christmas tree and the Christmas lights on our house-oohing and ahhing over them each time we come home. He loves learning new things and pleasing us in the process. He loves Curious George which we let him watch on occasion.
Reading a book in his new Christmas jammies
Making a mess with the spoon and avoiding the broccoli
Play date with Mila

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