Sunday, December 9, 2012

Have You Seen...

Warning-I am about to report old news here...

But I haven't stepped foot in a movie theater since before I was preg, so I had to actually wait for these movies to hit the shelves at Hastings before I could finally watch them!

These two were SO well worth the wait

If you haven't seen Moonrise Kingdom yet, you must!!! I loved it! Not gonna lie-it's not my favorite-favorite Wes Anderson film of all time (that title still belongs to The Royal Tenenbaums) but still so great and so sweet and so innocent; it's worth owning and watching repeatedly in my humble opinion. In true Anderson style I couldn't look away for a single second as the sets/shots were so lovely. I loved the music, the costumes, the coming of age made me want to dance to Francoise Hardy on the beach and paint trees on the walls of my if I needed more reason to!

Dancing to Le temps de l'amour

Moonrise Kingdom set

Moonrise Kingdom set

My hands down favorite movie of the YEAR is Safety Not Guaranteed. If you loved Little Miss Sunshine you will adore this movie-guaranteed! It's quirky, funny, sincere, and features a hilarious cast combo including Aubrey Plaza from Parks & Rec. Her dry humor MADE this movie for me! Loved it!

What was your fave movie of 2012?


  1. Seriously, I wish we lived closer together. You have awesome taste! Moonrise Kingdom was my favorite of the year for sure, I also loved the Dark Knight Rises and Hunger Games, but my faves are always the "weird" ones that make me think. Now I definitely need to see Safety Not Guaranteed!

  2. Emily, you will LOVE it!!! Especially considering your (apparent) love of Star Wars. It was the perfect movie for Alex and I because of the nerdy references such. Loved Hunger Games too-and I'll have to watch Dark Knight Rises now! Love you!