Sunday, December 30, 2012

That Was the Worst Christmas Ever!

A short preface to this post: I hope never EVER to sound ungrateful here. I have SO, SO much to be grateful for-and I truly feel blessed on a daily basis. I also removed the Confessions of a Designer post because after further thought, I found it to be...rude. If the client were ever to come across it-I would be mortified-and you just never know who is reading...anywho.


 My gratitude this Christmas was no different-I was happy for so many things...

Sleeping in until 9:15!!!  We literally THANKED Hudson for such a great gift when he woke up.
A beautiful breakfast with my gorgeous boys.
Hudson's reaction to his gifts Mr. B. worked late into the night assembling.
Walking our dogs in our favorite place, snow-covered and quiet.
Watching A Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation cozy on the couch while the babe slept.

 This year we had a monumental build-up to the big day...Christmas tree hunting, cookie baking, decorating, carol singing, shopping, Santa visiting, wrapping, etc. 

As thankful as I was for a lovely quiet day with my boys, I felt lonely on the big day! I really really REALLY wanted my family!!! I wanted to be with them spending hours opening presents...each person one by one, prepping breakfast for hungry brothers with my mom in her robe and slippers, John Denver Christmas C.D. listening, turkey basting and mash potato mashing, laughing, chex mix snacking, game playing, snuggled on the couch movie watching...I wanted the Christmas Day WORKS! I wanted it for myself and Alex and especially for Hudson.

Our Christmas wasn't the WORST (I just love the song with the same title by Sufjan Stevens) ...I don't think I've ever had a bad Christmas because I refuse to not celebrate and carry on the traditions even if it is just for Alex and I...but it wasn't the same this year without my family. All the more reason to be appreciative for them and make sure they know it...and all the more reason to book our tickets home next Christmas!!!!!

How was your holiday??? xo

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