Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Collect Moments

Mr. Brady keeps asking what I want for Christmas. 

A trip to Venice during Carnival is out of the question with our I say, "a pancake pen". 
Then I realize I've made pancakes twice in the past year, and I realize I don't really want or need that.

I would seriously rather forgo gifts for birthdays & holidays and save for an amazing experience.
My resolution for 2013...

On a slightly related note, my first happiness of the day (besides my son sleeping in until 9:30) was the delighted smile and giggle H gave me when I started singing "The Story" by Brandi Carlile. Whilst admiring my newest right undereye wrinkle I started belting out...
"all of these lines across my face
tell you the story of who I am
SOOOO many stories of where I've been
and how I got to where I am"

I tell you there is not a single human being on the planet besides my son who would appreciate hearing my tone deaf version of that song. For that and countless reasons, that boy is so dear to me.