Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Baby (#2) Fever

It seems there is this magic mark that first time moms hit (right around baby's first birthday) where they have sufficiently forgotten the discomfort of pregnancy, LABOR, and all the sleepless nights and decide to start planning for baby #2.  

I've hit that point. 

Lately I've been dreaming lots of baby #2. No, I'm not preg but I definitely have the FEVER...

I've been visually space-planning the upstairs nursery.

I've been pricing cribs and bedding.

I've been swooning over all the teeny tiny NB clothes at the shops we visit...particularly the baby girls clothes.

I've been telling Hudson about what a great big brother he will be someday...and how much he can look forward to having a friend for life sibling! 

I've been thinking about the age difference we want between H and his little sibling...I think I prefer a 3 year difference.

I've been presenting names-names-names to Mr. B and we've got a couple lovely unisex names on our list.

I found a list of potential names we had created circa 2002, some jokingly as we had no intention of getting pregnant any time soon...on the list were...

Girl: Amelie, Isabelle, Chloe (we chose these before Twilight or The Kardashians...lovely names but ones we wouldn't use because I hear them daily on the playground). We both still like Amelie from my all time favorite movie...but it's not on our radar at the moment.

Boy: A category I had no ideas for...Xavier (Alex's choice) and GARY. Gary Ybarra....Gar Bear...this cracks me up hard! ;) Again...both lovely names ;) but not on the current list.

Lastly, I've been thinking of how perfect (even if it is unlikely) it would be to be settled in Boise for the arrival of baby #2. I'm not gonna lie...IT'S HARD raising a child without the support and help of your family. We have some awesome friends here that are like family to us-and it is so appreciated...but I want Hudson to grow up knowing his uncles and aunties. I want him to have the bond with his grannies that I had with mine. I want Hudson to be close with his cousins. I dream at least once a week of taking Hudson to one of his grannies house for a few hours so I can clean the house all at once or run a few errands without worrying about nap-time. I dream of having family over for they can see his new moves in person instead of on a video posted to Facebook.

It really does take a village...and I feel like living here it's less like a village and more like a duo...a very loving, providing, nurturing duo...but still.

Lots of BABY dreaming going on here!

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  1. Awwwww, this is precious! We are definitely headed into baby season, maybe you will join us in another round! Love you so much!