Thursday, November 8, 2012

White Brick Fireplace...

I love days like this...days when I decide the monotonous and never-ending housework can wait. Days when I decide to take an actual break while the baby is sleeping and blog instead of sweeping up more dog hair. You would think I own a wooly mammoth with the amount of hair I sweep up on a daily or sometimes twice daily basis!!!

Anyways, it's officially FREEZING signaling that our 6 month winter has begun. H and I are spending plenty of time indoors and I'm realizing that I have a lot of opportunity to make the casa more cohesive by biting the bullet and finally painting our wood trim and fireplace white.

Alex thinks this is blasphemy! He loves our fp as is...but it's sooooo dark, dingy, and old! I think it's just what we need to freshen up and make the place look more pulled together and clean...especially after all the sweeping I do! Who's side are you on? Paint the fireplace white or no? I'm also definitely planning some new sconces and a refresh on the fp screen!!!

The UGLY before!

Inspiration and potential AFTERS...

This is my FAVE! Beaut!

So clean!

Pretty close to what we've got...isn't it lovely in white?

Do you love it? Definitely WHITE, right? 

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