Monday, November 26, 2012

Thankful 4

Holy what a doozy of a weekend. I was so spoiled last year being on maternity leave through the holidays and forgot how absolutely INSANE retail is post Thanksgiving. I also forgot how out of order things can get traveling with a little one. Hudson slept for a whopping 3 hours the night after turkey day at Uncle Bob's house...I looked and felt like a zombie the rest of the day...then had to work til midnight at the store. Despite the craziness and lack of schedule our Thanksgiving was really, REALLY great!!!! The food & the company couldn't have been better (unless of course my mom and brothers had been there).

I feel like I could fill a book with all the things I feel grateful for this week, but I don't have time for book writing these days...SO...

I am so grateful that my biggest worry at times is what color curtains I should hang in the living room...seriously!!! What an insignificant thing to think about! I felt spoiled and selfish this Thanksgiving because while I was getting seconds on green bean casserole wondering what Black Friday sales were going on there were families out there who couldn't afford dinner on a nightly basis, let alone a Thanksgiving feast. I felt sorry for families who can't afford to heat their homes...or those who don't even have a home. I felt sorry for the kids who don't have a warm coat, hat, mittens, a warm meal, Christmas toys...

We grew up poor but our mom was always able to make the holidays special and somehow provided for us...but I felt bad for those who can't. I don't mean to sound like a cheese-ball but I felt for these people and thinking of them made me appreciate all the more the creature comforts I am so blessed to enjoy on a daily basis.

I also resolved to do something to help in some way rather than just sit around feeling sorry. I resolved to volunteer serving Holiday meals at the homeless shelter especially with Hudson once he is old enough so that he can feel the same gratitude for all he has, knowing others often go without. I'd like to do a food drive at work to provide a holiday meal for a family who needs it this Christmas. I've bagged up clothes to bring to the women's shelter...etc.

Feeling grateful that this time of year brings out generosity and goodness in the song says, if only we could act this way throughout the year! xo

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