Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Mom's Blog

This whole blog thing blows my mind a little...ok a lot!

It's like this online photo album/record/scrapbook/baby book/diary (at times) that will be available for my children/grandchildren/great grandchildren to see what I cared about sharing throughout my my life.

It excites me that we are the first generation of moms who use blogging to document the growing of our little ones!!! Amazing.

My main intended audience for this little blogeroo is Hudson and his sibling-to-be....if they are at all interested some day...which I hope they one day are.

Lately I've been thinking how amazing it would be had my grandmother written a blog...she was quite the artist and I imagine her sharing things that inspired her, sketches she did, paintings. To share in what inspired her would be pretty special.

I literally laughed out loud this morning doing dishes imagining my mom's (non-existent) blog...the one she would have written back in the 1980's while raising my brother and I.

I laughed because I imagine her blogging about re-decorating the bathroom in the newest-all-the-rage color scheme...DUSTY ROSE AND COUNTRY BLUE. I imagine her sharing a picture of the dusty rose shower curtain with little rosebuds all over and one of my aunts commenting on her post titled "Stop and Smell the Roses" (if you know my mom, you know that's what she would call it) saying, "LOVE it have such great taste!"

I laughed because I can imagine my son in 2030 reading my blog post with his girlfriend titled, "Top 10 Master Bedroom Inspiration Pics" and rolling on the floor with laughter at how dated that furniture is, how pixelated the old Instagram pictures are, the lingo mom used "mad-steps" hahha! :) But I also imagine him being able to look at his first steps anywhere, anytime, and know that his mama loved him and was/is pretty over-the-moon-crazy about him.

Makes me smile...BIG. Here's to BLOGGING! xo

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