Saturday, November 3, 2012

It's Not You...It's Me

 Have you ever cheated on your current read?

Like, you're stuck reading a not-so-good book and all you can do is think about another book you have your eye that is likely better...a real page turner?

I did it til page 30 of Valley of the Dolls...I decided pretty quickly with that one that I just couldn't possibly commit to it's hefty 850 pages and moved on to something I had more in common with.

I thought about lots of other books throughout Fifty Shades of Grey, but silly me stuck it out because I believed in it's potential and lots of other girls sang it's praises. It really let me down and toward the end I had to confess I was going to start seeing other books and couldn't continue our relationship finishing out the trilogy. (here).

I don't know what compels me to stick through some and not others, but I just heartily suffered through my first really bad read since Fifty Shades...The Virgin Suicides. Looking back, maybe The Virgin Suicides didn't stand much of a chance following The Picture of Dorian did have some pretty BIG, pretty amazing shoes to fill. A friend lent it to me and said, "Read this! You will love's my favorite."

So I did.

UGH this book was so disappointing especially after finding out it was my friends FAVORITE BOOK. I will admit Jeffrey Eugenides is a lovely writer...but the subject matter just wasn't my cup of tea...I wasn't in the mood...I had a headache so to speak throughout the entire thing. Throughout our brief book/reader relationship I made multiple trips to the library and consulted my Goodreads account looking for a better book. I even asked my hairdresser if she knew any good books for me. The list of better books kept growing and I even started half-way-skimming (pretending to read wink wink) certain sections of TVS just to get through it faster...which I very rarely do!

Whew. Have you read it? Did you hate it as much as I did? I am happy to report I'M DONE. We are over  and now my ugly bedside table is home to more books than I can possibly read before they are due in 4 weeks....

I'm currently reading A Profound Mind which is my very first read by The Dalai Lama...I have VERY high hopes and 3 chapters in I am not disappointed! 

Lillian Too's 168 Feng Shui Ways to Energize Your Life - excited much!? Gonna get me some major positive CHI flowin through this casa pronto!

Happiness by Matthieu Ricard described as, "A Guide to Developing Life's Most Important Skill" I'll let you know if it's as effective as it claims to be. :)

What are you reading? Do you stick bad-books out til the bitter end?

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