Sunday, November 4, 2012

Weekend Tradition

One of the things I miss most about my life pre-babe (don't get me wrong...I am NOT complaining-love that boy with every fiber of my being!) has to be spending HOURS on end at the local coffee shop.

Alone, with a friend, or with the hubs, The Rocket  was definitely my "third place". I don't really have a third place anymore...well maybe the grocery store...but not by choice!

It's definitely possible that I spent more time there than at home. I'd always show up with homework, a book, and/or my journal; the barista would ask if I wanted my usual and I'd take up residence for the next few hours at my seat by the window. My butt would hurt from sitting on the wooden seat for so long and I would come home smelling like weird stale-ish coffee. I knew all the neighborhood gossip...the new bar going in called Bon-Bon, the "bakery" that was strangely never open, the guy who wore a dress walking his dog. I knew all about the baristas...the music they liked, the concerts they were going to, the boys who were coming to see them at work. It was oddly like a family...or at least it provided me a sense of community.

I miss it!

I miss those long hours spent by myself completely engulfed by a project. I also miss lazily spending a Sunday morning at The Rocket, people watching and newspaper reading over lattes and bagels with the hubs. We've taken Hudson there a few times but he ends up confined in the highchair because it's not the most childproof place. I could just imagine him yanking on someones laptop cord or bothering a study group. The last time I brought him with me for coffee with a (childless) friend she commented that I can't just sit still and enjoy my coffee...nope, not with an energetic one year old!

That's why Mr. Brady and I were rather giddy over our weekend find...a cute local coffee shop with a PLAY AREA! Is this not GENIUS?! Parents want to enjoy the ambiance the local coffee shop has to provide just as much as people who don't have kids!!! We ordered our lattes and bagels just like the old days, sat at a table next to the play area, and let the kiddo play. HE LOVED IT and didn't want to leave! He was entertained for a solid half hour-and I know all you parents out there know how magical 30 minutes can be!

A weekend tradition we thought was gone until our forties...resumed! CHEERS!

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